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The difference between meeting a goal and having a lasting transformation from it is in HOW the changes take place.


A lasting transformation takes more than effort.


It requires a strategy.



Determine, Prepare, Implement and Sustain are the foundational tenets of change methodology. Yet knowing this is not enough. If it were, we would all easily conquer our habits, stay on the new diets we purchased, build leading businesses from our efforts, and win in every area of our personal lives.

The key is HOW. The strategy is CCPI ™    . 

The CCPI ™    Model is LuxDreamGroup's proprietary model by which we lead individuals and business to sustainable and scalable success.

Having served as a patent and trademark attorney specializing in innovation for the past 15 years, and as a legal technology and management consultant building assessments that assist global companies to department and enterprise-wide transformation, it is my pleasure to create a model designed just for you.

For your success.

For your short-term and long-term goals.

For your purpose-driven dreams.

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