Apr 18, 2017

Are you listening?


Edited: Apr 25, 2017

True help is not provided until it meets someone's need. Many times we confuse our advice for help.


General know-how and lessons from experience can be valuable, but help for a particular person at a particular time to help them grow or redirect in a particular way requires listening to their needs.


Being helpful is more than just being heard.





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  • DreamWORK is that which pulls the dream out of you into the world around you. You're not working to make something happen, you're releasing that which already is. Your dream is already real. Believe it. Release it.
  • Having a calm spirit and remaining unbothered in the midst of life's turns provides strength and leverage that enables you to impact others powerfully, design new solutions to your problems, and add value to what you bring to the table. For many, being calm remains elusive. Be calm.

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