BURIED WATERS by Kim Whitehead (electronic)


BURIED WATERS: Maintaining Your Flow In Tumultuous Times

A personal transformation journey from The Dream Strategist


We dream big, God dreams bigger.

When we decide to move in purpose, God moves in His plan. His plan is always bigger, and He reveals it as we grow.


We move in obedience to His instructions. Things start rolling...and rolling... and growing...and then...WORLD STOP.


Not the Beyonce kind. Not the kind that means that others are stopping, staring in awe at your mastery of whatever you're working, leading, loving and doing.  Nope. I mean the kind where YOUR WORLD completely stops. 


If you are or have not been able to move forward despite effort and prayer, this book is for you.

You know why you're here, and you know you're doing the right things, so why is this happening?

Why now?

Why in front of everyone? 

The public reputation and private victory that you worked so hard to secure seems like it's on the brink of total collapse. And if it already has, what do you do then?


This kingdom, YOUR kingdom, seems dismantled. But is it?

Learn how to find the special place in the midst of your storm that is the key to redirecting your flow.

This private stagnation will soon lead to public overflow.

Learn what to do in a time when resources dwindle, confusion is rampant, disbelief is continuous, and frustration becomes your constant companion.


Learn how to reveal your TRUE kingdom, the one that has been waiting for you all along.

Buried waters will rise again. 



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