Executing The Million Dollar Project - Digital On-



Course #2 of The Arrival Academy Series based on the book THE ARRIVAL: Redefine the WHEN of your Destiny

A LuxDreamGroup DreamWORK on Demand (TM) digital course


Available anytime via digital on-demand access




This course is a 5-hr course based on the LuxDreamGroup CCPI TM Assessment Model consisting of 5 modules. Each module is approximately 1-hr, to enable you to move through the course at your convenience.


The Capability, Capacity, and Power Index is a proprietary system used by LuxDreamGroup for individual and corporate client consultant projects to provide pre-project, mid-project and closeout assessments for clients to understand pivotal metrics and concepts that are needed for them to succeed in their endeavors.  The larger the endeavor (new house, new service, new client, new product, event, etc.) in scope, and monetary revenue, e.g. $1 million dollars, the more a client has to be prepared in order to manage the project.


This course teaches you how to Manage a Million Dollar Revenue Opportunity in proven optimized ways that ensure that you maximize your net profit, mitigate risk, and create a stellar reputation for yourself or your company throughout the process.


Those that are wise know that no one can teach you past their own level of experience.


I have created million-dollar projects, sold million dollar projects, and executed million dollar projects multiple times.


I have built the businesses and service portfolios upon which these million dollar projects were based.


I have trained and guided clients on how to receive my sale and taught them how to do business with me.


I have also helped clients save over $1,000,000 with me or earn multi-million dollars with me.


At this level and phase in my life, my goal is about building kingdoms. Teaching kings and queens the right tools, the right execution, the right mindset and helping them to upscale their life in order to support their dreams.


Whether you are a Consultant, Community Developer, Coach, Brand Leader or an Individual desiring to receive a multimillion-dollar valued investment on a personal and professional level, this DreamWORK on Demand digital course is for you.


From the comfort of your chaise, couch, desk or breakfast table, you will walk away with the knowledge and tools needed to successfully execute a million dollar project. Execution is more than making the sale. Execution IS your kingdom.


Whether your net worth or business revenue if 5, 6, or 7 figures, the sections of this course are all applicable to the stage that you are in.


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