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GIVE ME THE FAIRYTALE: Reawaken Your Dreams For an Extraordinary Life


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Passionately written, impressively researched, and filled with powerfully transparent stories, Kim Whitehead's Give Me The Fairytale: Reawaken Your Dreams for an Extraordinary life shows a multi-generational audience how we mistakably undervalue the parabolic messages of fairytales and how much we lose in our own achievement and personal transformation by doing so.


Guiding the reader on a journey from the origins of the tales created by academics to teach mind-shifting lessons to adults through modern, diluted uses primarily for children's entertainment and to a new charge of reawakening to an unlimited life through belief, this book explores the inseparable connection of dream creation to the rise or fall of our individual destinies and teaches a designed approach for how we can show up to affect the world through a purpose-driven demand on our dreams.


Written for a multi-generational audience.


It reveals how we mistakably undervalue the parabolic messages of fairytales and how much we lose in our own achievement and personal transformation by doing so.


  • Explores self-discovery through an explanation of identity, purpose, mission, talent, and core genius.

  • Questions the values behind our support of billion-dollar industries that wonderfully expose childrens' minds to vision and extraordinary pursuits in contrast with the dominant expressions of adult culture.

  • Demonstrates where jaded thoughts and cynicism resulting from disappointment lead to rampant settling for instant comforts.

  • Illuminates how earnestly imploring someone to be realistic is often misguided.

  • Draws on the research of leaders in faith, psychology, and business management to reveal the methods behind the world-shifting proactivity of extraordinary dreamers.



Kim introduces us to her own reawakening and journeys to personal and professional dreams, many of which seemed unlikely from external vantage points.



She captivatingly shares about her life bursting forth through setbacks and joys into realities of heightened success and greater impact propelled by a tenacity to commit to the inner dream.




Finally, she offers invaluable advice on everything from how to deconstruct illusions that show up on our journeys, the roads to recovery from a fall from grace, to positioning yourself for everything you've ever wanted through surrendering everything you thought you had to have.


This extraordinary book has the power to permanently change how we see the practicality of fairytales in the pursuit of our dreams and, equally important, how we see the heroes inside of ourselves.

Give Me The Fairytale by Kim Whitehead (softcover)


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