I GOT IT DONE Planner - Queen's Edition


The No-Stress, Reward-Giving, Anti-Pressure Achievement Planner - Queen's Edition


Publication Date - October 15, 2019


Is your task scheduler making you feel like a failure?

Seeing that undone task popping up on your inbox or phone regularly can be draining. As much as you do all day, every day, it feels like you are just not getting the important things done.


There's never enough time, so it seems.

Or you're having a not-so-great day, and end up feeling lousy as you seek the tasks pile up.


What if you could change all that?

Lose the pressure...and actually get REWARDED for completing things and getting them out the door.


LADIES, this planner is for you.

Elegantly, regally take charge of your kingdom.

Know where you are...who's doing what....and have it all at your fingertips.


Get it done. With no stress, Queen.

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