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I provide transformative guidance to help people create processes and frameworks for reaching their extraordinary dreams in life and business.

My purpose-based strategies lead to accelerated results

Signature Speaking Topics*

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  • Faith & Inspiration

    • Respecting The Weight of Your Glory

    • Defining The Kingdom

    • DreamWORK ™  with God

  • Personal Growth & Development

    • Carrying the Crown

    • Activating Your Core Genius

    • The Integration Factor: Avoiding and Recovering From Burnout  

    • The Dream Principles ™ : Creating An Extraordinary Life

    • The Truth About Your "WHEN"

    • Fall Out of Love with Greatness

  • Intellectual Property

    • Patents & Trademarks

    • Developing a Scalable Portfolio

    • The Invaluable Franchise ™

    • The Power of Innovation

  • Business Strategy & Sustainability​​

    • Managing Virtual Teams

    • CCPI ™ : Capacity, Capability & Power

    • Transformational Change Management

    • The Luxe, Lure & Liability of Apps

    • Data Privacy for Small Businesses

    • Information Governance for Global Enterprises

    • Vendor Management

““Kim Whitehead is about to become an industry GIANT!”

— Howard Britt

Internationally Renowned

Business Expert & Coach

CEO The Britt Agency

“Kimberly Whitehead,

you set the tone for a matchless and incredible day. Your flow was brilliant. Your words were anointed. Grateful for how God so beautifully poured out wisdom through you!”

— Shannon Yvette

Author, Speaker & Life Coach

CEO, Shannon Yvette International


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